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ApplianceWales - Paul Vernon & Jayne Vernon-Williams

Welcome to ApplianceWales. Established in 2005 we are an Independent Electrical Retailer based in Llandysul, West Wales. We supply brand new domestic kitchen appliances to the surrounding area and carry out professional repairs. With over 30 years experience in the domestic appliance industry we are able to provide good quality customer service and after sales care.

Unlike some retailers we do not abandon our customers as soon as the guarantee runs out. We aim to be as helpful as possible in meeting our customers' needs. Our ethos is about 'Service After the Sale'. ApplianceWales is a Bosch Dealership and has teamed up with some of the UKs largest appliance distributors giving access to a huge array of top brand appliances and spares parts. We constantly monitor the appliance market and it is our mission to provide competitive prices and service.

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